A Monthly Box of Everyday Dance Essentials.

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A monthly subscription of £45 with dance essentials and additional goodies for all dancers, young and old, male and female.

1. Order the Box online
2. Customise your box personally with the array of products on offer 
3. Receive your items every month
4. Enjoy and get excited for next months new and exciting products as well as old and trusted products

You will choose and receive your items, whether its that one special leotard, shoes, bag or several small items up to your subscription value of £45.00 which is only offered on the subscription site, this subscription retails on the high street anywhere from £65.00 upwards.

What happens if you you don't need anything that month or you see a costume you want that is over budget you ask!  WELL, at Enpointe Dance Supplies, we have that covered! Simply purchase a gift voucher for that subscription month, we will send you a digital code and you can role it over as many times as you wish to create a savings pot almost, its really that simple.

We're even allowing you to give that months subscription value as a gift voucher to that special someone for their birthday or Christmas to spend on the main site at Enpointe Dance Supplies or in Store.

If you need more items than what your subscription allows or you see an expensive pair of shoes for example on enpointedancesupplies.com simply use your subscription of £45.00 and then either email or phone and we will take it from there, all you have to do is simply top up the value.

You have to fulfil the first 3 months of subscription payment to be able to cancel your subscription, yu di this by emailing us. 

All items are very much branded, some are even exclusive to Enpointe Dance Box ONLY, you wont be able to find certain items on the main site either!  The subscription site is purely for those who pay monthly and no one else! Its your very own personal shop.

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Some items you will see available.....

Dance Shoes
Pointe Shoe Accessories
Hair Accessories
Dance Key Chains
Dance Skirts
Warmers and Warm ups
Shorts and Crop Tops
And more!

ballet box subscription plan

Choose Your Items

Whether you (or your dancer) are just a beginner or a professional, you’ll receive your custom Enpointe Dance Box based on your monthly picks.

ballet box supply delivery

We Deliver

You choose your items by the 1st of every calendar month. Once you choose your box, we’ll give you your scheduled delivery date and send your supplies. You’ll never have to make a store trip again!

enjoy your ballet box subscription

You Enjoy!

Relax knowing that all of your dance essentials will be delivered to your door on a regular monthly basis. Enpointe Dance Box was made so busy dancers and ballet moms and dads could have one less thing to worry about.

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