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About Enpointe Dance Supplies.

Established in 2019

With 250 thousand store customers and nearly a million online visitors every year, we’re helping make our customers’ lives easier. 

Enpointe Dance Supplies LTD is a family ran independent UK based company of 6 people built on the performance, energy, force and passion within the dance world....

Being one of the worlds leading dance wear suppliers, we are able to offer great branded products with a great price attached, which will naturally create more passion for dancers and teachers. 

We are growing strongly everyday and have recently bought Curtain Call Costumes to add to the Enpointe umbrella and now serve many countries worldwide with  our amazing brand availability. 

We believe we are fast acting to the change that is constantly happening within' the dance world  as we are always prominently aware , trying to evolve with the new oncoming trends and searching for new products and services to meet the demands of our valued customers, which in turn makes us stand out. It's our aim to offer the highest service to our customers with honesty and reliability.

 We source our products and suppliers from all over the globe to offer a range of unique and versatile apparel to our dancers. Our dancers are empowered because Enpointe gives them the confidence to feel and perform better in a product they can trust. We're passionate about celebrating and supporting the skill and dedication of our dancers and vow to always support the dancer by ensuring remarkable value for hobbyists, students, teachers, and professionals alike as they practise dance.

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