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Pointe Shoe Bag Large A327
New Pointe shoe drying inserts developed with Eco-friendly, non-toxic silica gel granules specially for Pointe shoes. Having high adsorbing properties, these dryers keep Pointe shoes away from moisture and help to prolong their life.

tape can be applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation without restricting movement.


Elastic cushioned micro-foam can be wrapped around toes to guard from injury and chaffing without restricting movement.


• Clean and effortless way to dye your fabric shoes, including pointe shoes and canvas ballet shoes.

• Fabric Pointe Paint for all satin & canvas shoes

• Skin Tone Colours : Buttermilk, Chai, Honey, Agave, Darjeeling, Garam Masala, Macadamia, • Colours : Rajani (Black), Victoria Paige(Red), Aqua, Indigo, Orchid, Dahlia, Matcha, Marigold, Sunshine, Burnt Crimsom, Coral, Turmeric 

• 1 fl oz (2.5ml)

• One bottle should be enough for one pair of Pointe shoes