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Pointe Shoe's

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BLOCH® Balance Lisse offers a supportive and secure, streamlined fit, no matter how demanding the routine. Designed on a curved last, a medium shank follows the natural contours of the foot, keeping the instep in contact with the shoe, to provide comfort and injury protection.
Relevé without a hitch in the Kylee Pointe Shoe. This premium pointe shoe has a moderate shaped toe box and a firm

Grishko® Nova Pro Pointe shoe represents the evolution of the most popular Grishko model: Grishko 2007.

Pointe shoes are for Ballet, allowing the ballerina to dance resting on her foot tips.  from a technical perspective pointe shoes are the most complex.  In order to produce just a single pair if pointe shoes, the mater carries out 111 operations but, the outcome is well worth it.